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Alpine Supercharger Info

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Alpine Supercharger Info

This is an email that they recently sent out. Notice in the Nissan section they have information for us.

here is a copy of the email

Sorry for the delayed reply, but have been waiting for the owners to
sort some things out and make some decisions before being able to bring
everyone up to date.

As many of you know, word is getting out of our existence, and we
have been swamped with e-mail inquiries for over a dozen different forced
induction applications since November/December of last year. Based on the
number of inquiries received (which we encouraged), informed you that we
would be developing forced induction applications for a number of your
requested vehicle models near the beginning of the year. We've also been
approached by several companies since our announcements, to manufacture
forced induction applications O.E., or "private label", and many of our
"planned" applications have been changed.

Before you vent any disappointment with our development decisions,
please understand that for the past 24 years, 70-80% of Alpine Developments
business has been the supplying of O.E. and private label forced inductions
kits, and it is the owners intention to do the same here in the U.S.. One
more bit of disappointing news, because of the recent global conflicts, and
the fluctuation of the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar, and the S.
African rand (about 20%), there will be another price increase effective May
1, 2003 (orders placed prior to May 9th, will be honored at the older
price). Here's the latest on all of the applications you have been asking
about :


`96-`00 Elantra/`96-`01 Tiburon (1.8L/2.0L-I4) Turbo w/Intercooler
Kit (Beta I engine)
(Off Road & Race Only)
This kit remains unchanged, and still includes the fifth fuel injector and
Unichip (except the Unichip tuning has been more refined), and there is no
immediate plans to try and get CARB certification on, so will remain as an
"Off-road and Race only" kit.
Available: Four (4) kits arriving the end of this April (three
already sold!). Otherwise, "special order" allowing two-to-three-weeks
shipping time from S.A..
New MSRP: $2900.

`01-`03 Elantra / `03 Tiburon (2.0L-I4) Turbo w/Aqua-cooler Kit
(Beta II engine)
(Off Road & Race Only)
The decision was made to bring this kit to market as soon as possible, using
the above kit's exhaust manifold and therefore is not going to be CARB
certified. We have designed a new more efficient self-contained
liquid-to-air "Aqua-cooler" for this kit. This kit will also get the benefit
of our own new "black-box" ECU management, doing away with the Unichip. To
build this kit to meet CARB certification, would require designing a new
exhaust/turbo manifold that utilizes the factory exhaust manifold/catalytic
converter (also increasing the cost), and the decision to do so has not been
made yet!
Available: July`03.
Est. MSRP: $3000.

`96-`00 Elantra / `96-`01 Tiburon (1.8L/2.0L-I4) Supercharger Kit
(Beta I engine)
(Off Road & Race Only)
This kit is still under "re-engineering", and will benefit from our new
"black-box" ECU technology, replacing the Unichip. Otherwise, will remain
much the same as is.
Available: July / August`03.
New MSRP: $2900.

`01-`03 Elantra / `03 2.0L Tiburon (2.0L-I4) Supercharger Kit (Beta
II engine)
(anticipate CARB certification)
We are waiting to test fit the new intake manifold, and will also benefit
from our new "black-box" ECU technology, and anticipate no problems on
getting CARB certification before releasing for sale (which means our
limited "3-Year / 36,000 Mile Power Train Warranty" would apply.
Available: August / September`03.
New MSRP: $3000.

`02-`03 Tiburon / Santa Fe / Sonata / Kia Optima (2.7L-V6)
Aqua-cooled Supercharger Kit
(CARB E.O.# D-551-1)
The final version of this kit is in full production now, with only a few
minor changes for safety issues (the replacement of the steel braided
"cooler" hoses to rubber hose). We may offer some "upgrade" parts for this
kit later on, which may include clear plastic covered steel braided hoses
and urethane engine mounts. This kit may also be offered without the
"Aqua-cooler" and our exclusive limited "3-Year / 36,000 Mile Power Train
Warranty" for a reduced price if there is enough of a demand for it. We are
just now finishing up the fitment and instructions on the Santa Fe, and will
also do the same for the Sonata and Kia Optima in the next couple of months.
Available: Tiburon application; twenty-eight (28) kits arriving
April 28th, thirty-two (32) arriving May 9th (with more coming!). Santa Fe
application; June`03. Sonata application; July / August`03. Kia Optima
application; September`03.
New MSRP: $3300


`98-`03 Amigo / Axiom / Rodeo / Trooper / Vehicross / Honda Passport
(3.2L/3.5L-V6) Supercharger Kit
(CARB E.O.# D-551)
Now with CARB certification, and the limited "3-Year / 36,000 Mile Power
Train Warranty" and optional "extended power train warranty", this kit
remains basically the same, but with some minor improvements. It now comes
with a new nose-piece/gear cover, which helps eliminate some chatter at
idle. Please be aware that this kit was designed for the 3.5L, and any 3.2L
applications will have to be special ordered (requires different sized
pulley). Also, please note that the cruise and throttle cable brackets for
the Vehicross model (all others are throttle-by-wire) has to be special
ordered as well, and has been finalized, and available within the next three
Available: Fourteen (14) kits in stock (minus the blowers), and can
ship within 2-to-3 working days of ordering.
New MSRP: $3100.


`00-`03 Frontier / X-Terra (3.3L-V6) Supercharger Kit
(anticipate CARB certification)
This kit is in the final stages of development, and anticipate if passing
CARB, will include the limited "3-Year / 36,000 Power Train Warranty" and
optional "extended power train warranty. As we get nearer to the
availability date, will know what other year/model applications this should
fit. This will still be offered by Alpine Developments.
Available: Late August.
New MSRP: $3000.

`02-`03 Altima / Sentra (SER & V-Spec) (2.5L-I4) Turbo w/Aqua-cooler
(anticipate CARB certification)
While we are still going to develop an aqua-cooled turbo kit for this engine
platform, we are in the final stages of negotiations with a company to
manufacture this kit "private label" for them, and will not be able to offer
this kit to the aftermarket ourselves. Unfortunately, we can not divulge any
more information on this application until it is near completion, and have
permission from our client to reveal who they are and details of this kit.

`02-`03 Altima / Maxima / `03 350Z / Infiniti G35 /I35 (3.5L-V6)
Aqua-cooled Supercharger Kit
(anticipate CARB certification)
Like the above application, this kit will be developed for the same company
to sell "private label", and we will not be offering this application to the
aftermarket ourselves. As with the above kit, we can not divulge any more
information on this application until near completion, and have permission
from our client to reveal who they are and the details of this kit.

`95-`01 Maxima (3.0L-V6) Aqua-cooled Supercharger Kit
(anticipate CARB certification)
We've had enough requests for this application to give it serious
consideration, but because of the "private label" applications listed (and
several not listed), would not be able to start on this until sometime late
this fall, or early winter.

`98-`01 Sentra (1.8L-I4) Turbo Kit
(Off Road & Race Only)
Although this kit is one of many from our S. African stable of existing
kits, it may be some time before we are able to bring this over to test fit
on a LHD vehicle, re-tune for 91 octane, possibly add an intercooler, and
look into the feasibility of getting this CARB tested and certified.


`98-`03 Corolla / 00-`03 Celica / Matrix / Pontiac Vibe (1ZZ-FE
engine) Aqua-cooled Turbo Kit
(anticipate CARB certification)
We were re-approached by one of our existing clients a few months back, and
are now in the midst of negotiations with them regarding a forced induction
kit for this application, which would be a "private label" kit, and
unfortunately, have put plans for our own aftermarket turbo kit on hold,
until this is sorted out. Again, we can not divulge any more information on
this application until it is near completion, and have permission from our
client to reveal who they are and details of this kit.

`00-`03 Celica GT / Matrix XRS / Pontiac Vibe GT (2ZZ-GE engine)
Aqua-cooled Supercharger Kit
(anticipate CARB certification)
The status of this application is also on hold until a decision has been
made with our "private label" client on the 1ZZ engine kit (and whether it
will include this application as well), and may adapt the 1ZZ kit for use on
the 2ZZ engine.

`85-`87 RWD/`88-`91 FWD Corolla (4A-GE engine) Turbo Kit
(Off Road & Race Only)
Although this kit is one of many from our S. African stable of existing
kits, it may be some time before we are able to bring this over to test fit
on a LHD vehicle, re-tune for 91 octane, possibly add an intercooler, and
look into the feasibility of getting this CARB tested and certified.

`93-`97 Corolla (7A-FE engine) Turbo Kit
(Off Road & Race Only)
There have been fewer than 30 requests for a forced induction kit for this
application, and unless there was a flood of inquiries, would have no plans
to develop a kit for this application.


We have a lot of applications we are working on (including three
different GM turbo kits for a "private label" client we're just finishing up
with), and because of this, a lot of the existing applications from S.
Africa, and the numerous others we have received many requests for, will
also have to put on the "back-burner" for a while, but will give a brief
synopsis below:

BMW: It may be sometime before we can bring both the 1.8L
supercharger kit, and the 2.5L turbo kit over from our stable of kits in S.
Africa, but don't anticipate being be able to test fit on LHD vehicles
before the end of this year. Possibly early `04.

Jeep: Even though this would be a fairly straight forward
supercharger kit to adapt to the U.S. 4.0L engine, there has been very
little demand for this application, so will not attempt to do so, until
other higher priority projects are complete, or the demand increases, so
don't expect to see this available until sometime next year.

Kia: Our 3.5L aqua-cooled supercharger kit for the new Sorento SUV
(also same engine in the Hyundai XG-350) has been put on hold, waiting for
Kia to make some decisions. And even though we have received numerous
inquiries for the 1.8L Sephia / Spectra, and fewer for the 1.6L Rio, will
not develop anything for Kia until several of the other "private label"
applications are finished, which means sometime next year.

Mitsubishi: We not received enough inquiries for the 3.0L, and even
fewer on the 2.4L, that unless we received a flood of inquiries in the next
six months, would have no plans to develop any kits for these applications.

Volkswagen: The inquiries are growing for all of our existing S.
African turbo kits for the 1.8L / 2.0L-I4, 2.8L-V6, 2.0L-I4 Beetle, along
with our Aqua-cooler conversion for the 1.8T, but again, because of the
priorities with existing "private label" clients, realistically won't be
able to bring these kits over for test-fitments until sometime late this
year, possibly even early `04.

As you can see from the shear number of applications we are currently
working on, that it is difficult satisfy everyone's requests at the same
time, and ask that you keep in mind the costs involved in trying to bring
these applications to market, with the CARB certification and power trains
warranties when venting your frustration at us not building the particular
kit for your application. Again, we would like to thank all of you who have
made inquiries and patiently waited to hear back from us. If you should have
any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us again. Thanks.

Stephen M. Belanger
Sales & Marketing
S.A. Alpine Developments, Inc.
7581 Acacia Avenue
Garden Grove, Ca. 92841
[email protected]

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